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Cake decorating...attempt #2.
Having several 'cake smashes' with one year old clients has led me to attempt cake decorating. For past sessions I have always purchased cupcakes at the grocery store but I really wanted to use the beautiful cakes like I was seeing on Pinterest. After watching a few instruction videos I headed to Walmart for cake supplies. Oh Lord, I never knew there were so many options for cake decorating!

Although my first two attempts have been amateurish to say the least, I've had so much fun trying. I could see that cake decorating could quickly become a second hobby. Maybe I can even find a class somewhere!

The first cake I baked (photo below with Jordan) was a mess and today's attempt didn't go much better. They sure make it look easy on those instruction videos don't they? The good news is Jordan didn't seem to mind that I had no clue what was I was doing. Hopefully this weekend's pink rosette cake will be a "smashing" hit as well.

For today's cake (pink cake photo right) I used a box cake mix and added a package of Dream Whip to give it a pound cake consistency. (Makes the cake easier to frost). I used a simple buttercream recipe using Wilton's tip #1M and #18 to fill the gaps. The frosting color was two drops of "Sunny Side Up Bakery" #865220 in Soft Pink sold at Wal-mart. The cake was baked using the bottom portion of a silicone giant cupcake mold I found at Hobby Lobby. The cake is sitting on a small cake stand that I found at Old Time Pottery. The only color option was red so I had to cover it with ribbon.

Note: If just using the bottom portion of the silicone mold, one cake box will make two cakes.

Butter Cream Recipe:

  • 4 cups of powdered sugar
  • 1 stick of butter
  • 1/2 c Solid Shortening
  • 2 - 2 1/2 T milk

Happy Baking!

Jordan Cake Smash

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