Pike's Place Market

Pike's Place Farmer's Market

Pikes Place Farmer's Market is
one of the oldest Markets in the United States

On our way to Orcas Island, Washington one of our stops for the night was in Seattle. We only had a few hours to visit Pike's Place Farmer's Market so now I've added it to my "Bucket List of Return Destinations". A few hours was not nearly long enough!

A person could easily spend two weeks at Pike's Place and find something new to photograph every single day. From fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables to fish mongers, restaurants, antiques, books, and one-of-a kind crafts, this market truly has it all. Being from a one horse town, I was just wide eyed at all the sights, sounds and cultures. It was more than my mind could handle in one trip!

The flying fish Ritual 

The famed flying-fish ritual began, according to Yokoyama, when he started counting the number of steps it took for him to pick up a customer's selection, walk around to the backdoor, hustle over to the scales where the merchandise is weighed, cut and packaged, and then walk back around to the front with the wrapped package.

"It took me 100 steps," said Yokoyama. "So one day I just said, 'Here kid, catch!' and threw the fish. He caught it and I said, 'Man, I just saved 100 steps.'"

Samuel Samson, 52; Ryan Reese, 40; and Anders Miller, 42 — bought the store from Yokoyama, becoming equal partners in the nearly 90-year-old business.

'It's surreal': Seattle's Pike Place Fish Market sold to fish-throwing employees
The Seattle Times, July 20, 2018

The sights and scenes of Pike's Place

  The chewing gum wall!

Charleston, SC
Orcas Island, Washington


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